Sunday, August 03, 2008

The definitive version: Hello martyr, hello Fatah

Earlier today Soccer Dad made a posting about to the phenomenon of Palestinian Arab summer camps that teach murder and hate, brilliantly named "Hello martyr, hello Fatah". (For those who don't get the joke, it refers to a classic Allan Sherman song, circa 1963 about a letter being written from a miserable camper at sleep-away camp. Before continuing this post you need to hear the original song; here's one from YouTube where the video isn't too irritating.)

I decided that a title like that needed lyrics, so here is the official EoZ version of:

Hello Martyr, hello Fatah

Hello martyr, hello Fatah
Here I am in Islamic Gaza
I must tell you, I'm having great fun
In my camp they teach us how to use machine guns

We blame things on the Jewish Lobby
Our hero is Dalal Mughrabi
We can march now, we can holler
And we love to pray five times a day to Allah

I keep ammo in my pocket
I just learned how to shoot a rocket
Just imagine how great I felt
When I was fitted for my first suicide belt!

We watch videos of friendly mouses
We practice mortars at Jewish houses
You remember Ahmed Fakid
He just lost his legs practicing to be a Shahid

Now my bombing's a routine task
I love wearing my new ski mask
Why should I learn a trade?
I just got my first rocket propelled grenade!

Just one problem, but it's old news
Lots of weapons, not enough Jews
But don't worry, dad and mother
I'll be practicing my new skills on my brother!

UPDATE: I just made a video of the song.