Thursday, June 12, 2008

Work accident, plus other Gaza news (updated)

A "mysterious explosion" occurred this morning in the house of the Hamouda family in Beit Hanoun, killing at least 4 (Ma'an breaking news) and injuring dozens.

Hamouda is a member of Hamas.

Most Palestinian Arab news sites reported it as an ambiguous explosion initially; Palestine Today has started blaming an Israeli airstrike, but Israel denies any actions in the area of the explosion today. Hamas is now blaming Israel as well.

Our 2008 PalArab self-death count climbs to 89.

Meanwhile, Hamas raided a wedding last night, beating celebrants, because they were playing Fatah tunes.

Hamas also arrested many Fatah members commemorating the first anniversary of Hamas' execution of the late, lamented Jamal Abu Billygoats and his brother Majid.

UPDATE: Ma'an has backed off to three "martyrs", one an infant girl. 88.
Ma'an has raised it back to 4. 89.
We are now up to 7, according to both Ma'an and Palestine Press Agency. 92.
Palestine Press Agency is reporting that an eighth body was found underneath the rubble. 93.