Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Press-release terrorists

The "Freedom for Galilee Brigades" (also known as the "Imad Mughniyah Brigades"), an Arab terror group based in Israel itself, has claimed a number of high-profile terror attacks - of which very few seem to have actually occurred.

The latest is the claim that they exploded a bomb in a Tel Aviv restaurant today. They even specify the address: 18 Balfour Street. Yet there is nothing in the Israeli media about this.

Even stranger, they claim to have kidnapped a female IDF soldier, named "Dana", and have published her picture (original link lost, this picture is from June 6.

They have previously taken credit for the Mercaz Harav massacre.

They do seem to be a real terror group and to have done real attacks in the past, but these specific claims are very strange.