Monday, June 02, 2008

MEMRI heads-up

Firas Press prints a foaming-at-the-mouth article trying to blast Professor Mordechai Kedar, who was interviewed on Al-Jazeera recently and apparently was more adamant about the Jewish attachment to Jerusalem than the Al Jazeera hosts were comfortable with:
Host Jamal asked: "What do you think of the Declaration of Israel from building new settlements eve of a meeting with Olmert, Mahmoud Abbas' and passengers think it is a provocation and disregarded and embarrass the Palestinian side ..!?"

Professor started shouting, "What's this question?! لI think that no one in this world has the right of Israel to ask such a question?! Build or not build what does it matter to you ?! We are building in Jerusalem is the land of Israel, which Israeli for three thousand years, why must we ask permission from anyone .?! Should we agree to what is right ?! "

Said to him, Jamal: "But Jerusalem an occupied territory of Palestine" and he answered: "Who said this!?"...
He also emphasized that Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran. This was enough to send the firasd writer into convulsions, although the autotranslation is unclear I think the message is:
Jerusalem and the first Qiblah and the third the Two Holy Mosques and plot our Prophet Muhammad and the recklessness of those pigs this time the Zionists who damage Larsen returned to the impact of any one of them ..! I firmly believe that this pig is the pronunciation of the Zionist amateur or a purely personal opinion whatsoever .. '
The rest of the article is even harder to understand but plenty of insults are thrown in.

Although the author admits that he didn't actually see the interview, it sounds like it was a good one - I can't wait to see if MEMRI translates it.

UPDATE: Arutz-7 has much more detail (h/t Soccer Dad.)