Friday, June 20, 2008

Likely terrorist's family donates his organs to Israelis

Ma'an reports:
The family of an 18-year-old Palestinian civilian, who died after being shot by Israeli security guards a few weeks ago, have donated his organs to save the lives of six Israelis.

Patient "A" was clinically dead when he was transferred to the intensive care unit in Shiba medical center in Tel Hashomeir. But doctors were unable to resuscitate him.

The Hebrew daily newspaper Ma’ariv reported that his family decided to donate his organs to those who needed them, regardless of their race, religion or identity.

The National Center for Organ Transplants promised to keep information concerning his identity confidential for the safety of his family who live in the Palestinian Authority area. The families of the recipients were told about the identity of the donor but have also agreed to keep the information confidential, according to the newspaper.

On Wednesday evening the Patient "A"'s father had an emotional meeting with the patient who received his son’s heart.

Patient "A"'s father described his son as "a great person who was loved by everyone. He was big-hearted and I didn’t hesitate to donate his organs to needy patients, even though he was killed by Israeli security guards.”

“At first it was hard for me, but God inspired me to take the right decision to help the patients by donating my son’s organs. I’m happy with this decision and I don’t differentiate between Jews and Arabs. All I care about is saving people's lives. That’s why I didn’t ask about the patients' identities,” he added.
My best guess is that this is how the man was killed (from PCHR's weekly reports of Palestinian Arabs killed and arrested by Israel):
on 9 May, a Palestinian civilian was shot dead and another was arrested by the guards of “Ofra” settlement, northeast of Ramallah. IOF claimed that the victim attempted to get close to the settlement in order to fire at it from a hunting rifle.
This is the only West Bank death I could find that remotely fits the description in the Ma'an/Maariv article, so it appears that "Patient A" was a terrorist who tried to kill as many Jews as possible - and his family ended up saving them.

UPDATE: More details on the Ofra incident from Ma'an:
A Palestinian gunman was killed and another detained in Ein Yabrud village north-east of Ramallah on Friday after an alleged attack on five Israelis.

Unofficial Israeli sources told Ma'an that five Israelis were vacationing in the mountains near Ein Yabrud village when they were attacked by a Palestinian gunmen who opened fire on them. Israeli armed men then responded and opened fire on the gunmen. One was seriously injured and later bled to death. Another Palestinian was arrested.

Official sources have still not confirmed the details of the incident.

The Al-Aqsa Brigades affiliated to Imad Mughniyya later claimed responsibility for the attack. They told Ma'an that their resistance fighters survived the counter attack, but that the Palestinian who was killed and the other who was detained were bystanders and were not part of their armed group.

They said in a statement that the Brigades opened fire on a group of settlers and clashed with them in Ein Yabrud.