Monday, June 23, 2008

Gazans suffering from severe math deficiencies!

It is not only shoes and chocolates that Gazans have been unable to get during the "siege" - they also seem to have been suffering from a severe shortage of mathematical ability:
Five days into the truce between Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip and Israel, vital supplies of goods are continuing to trickle into the besieged enclave.

Israel allowed 80 lorry loads of goods into the Gaza Strip on Monday - twenty more than the number allowed in per day before the truce was agreed, a Palestinian security source at the Sufa crossing told Ma'an.

The source confirmed to Ma’an that under the truce an increase of 30% in food supplies was agreed. But what is actually being allowed in is no more than 20%, which is not sufficient for the 1.5 million residents of the Gaza Strip.
If Israel allowed 60 truckloads a day into Gaza beforehand, and now allows 80, that is an increase of 33%, not 20%. Which means that Israel is exceeding the agreement, not falling short.

The fact that Ma'an quotes this unidentified source approvingly shows that the math deficiency is widespread.