Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flashback: The November 2006 "cease fire"

Now that Israel has admitted that it has accepted a "cease fire" agreement with Hamas murderers, it makes sense to look at what happened during the last major one, that supposedly began November 26, 2006.

Not only did Hamas and the other terror groups ignore the cease-fire, but the number of rockets actually increased in December 2006 compared to some other months in 2006 when there was no "calm."

My monthly Qassam calendars started in February 2007 and documented the numerous and constant violations of this "cease fire" on the part of Gaza terror groups.

It took many months of incessant rocket fire for Israel to start responding to these attacks again in a meaningful way - first targeting Qassam cells in late March, 2007. And even then Israel's responses remained limited.

Hamas, for example, accused Israel of violating the "cease fire" when it fired at people who even Hamas admitted were on a "jihad mission" in late April.

And Israel still remained committed to this sham "cease fire" as late as mid-May.

Essentially, it was over six months of Israel telling the terrorists that they had carte blanche to do whatever they wished while the world continued to blame Israel.

The problem wasn't so much that Hamas incessantly violated the last "cease fire" - everyone knew and expected that to happen - but the problem was that Israels' utterly incompetent Kadima government felt the need to unilaterally treat Hamas with kid gloves for over half a year afterwards, pretending that it was still in effect.