Friday, June 20, 2008

Egypt grabs more weapons meant for Gaza

Part of the "truce" between Israel and Hamas includes a halt to all smuggling of arms to Gaza. At least that's what Israel's negotiator is claiming:
Gilad described the conditions according to which the terror organizations were to be judged during the ceasefire. "We need a total ceasefire – all included. If tomorrow morning one single rocket is fired, it will be a violation of the agreement. There is no room for interpretation, and no mediating body is needed. We will not accept the firing of even one Qassam.

"Egypt, on its side, is committed to preventing the smuggling activity from Gaza. It's simple; Egypt has a border with Gaza, through which weapons and terrorists are smuggled. Smuggling is a serious violation of the terms. Any such infraction will lead to a change in Israel's stance from the way in which it was presented to the Egyptians," he said.
Well, Hamas didn't seem to waste any time in trying to break that condition. From AFP:
Egyptian authorities on Friday found a large cache of weapons and explosives hidden in the mountains of the Sinai peninsula, a security official told AFP.

North Sinai authorities found "25 anti-aircraft missiles, 12 anti-personnel and anti-armour grenades, eight mortars, as well as five surface to surface and surface to air missiles," the official said.

"A large number of gun barrels and large amounts of detonators used for explosives and mines were also found," the official added.
For every cache found by Egypt, how many are missed?