Friday, June 06, 2008

Arabs accuse Jews of poisoning the wells

Blood libels never get old in the Ummah!

The Iranian Alalam "news" states:
The Popular Committee to Oppose the Siege on Thursday warned against the Israeli regime's plans to spread lethal diseases in the Gaza Strip.

The Committee said with closure of Gaza City's Treatment Plant, the region was the target of environmental crisis.

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) in its latest report has accused the Israel of dumping wastes and sewage into Gaza Sea.

Director of Water Resources in the Gaza Strip, Monther Shoblak, told Alalam Thursday that Israel dumps 70 percent of its wastes into Gaza Sea, affecting tourism industry and the marine lives in the region.
I didn't know there even was a "Gaza Sea."

How dare Israel do anything to harm the thriving Gaza tourism industry. All those poor tourists, sunbathing on the beaches of the Gaza Sea, being forced to stay out of the water because of Zionist fecal matter. I can see why they'd be upset.