Friday, March 14, 2008

Tehran graffiti: "Death to Israel"

Picture from an Iranian blogger, who writes:
In Iran, if there is inflation, if teachers’ salary is not paid or if bus drivers protest their low payment, if we don’t have good ties with other countries, if blah blah blah there is only one culprit according to statesmen: International Zionism. Correspondingly, most of the hard-liners view multinational corporations as agents of Zionism and Israel. Adidas, Nestle, Timberland, Benetton, Royal Dutch Shell etc. are supposedly supporters of Israel.

Of course this doesn’t mean that I deny Jewish lobby’s influence (even Shah –the close ally of Israel- defended this theory- and today I was reading an interesting report about the Rothschild family and their unbelievable influence across Western Europe) and I admit that naturally they act against Iran’s interests, but for me ascribing every single blunder to the Zionist lobby is really ridiculous.

Nestle billboard in Baharestan metro stations has become a target for some believers in this doctrine. Again I apologize if my photos don’t enjoy the minimum of quality. Of course Blogger (beside international Zionism ;-) ) are also to be blamed for this.

Clockwise from left: Star of David, Star of David plus a scratch on the billboard, “Death to Israel” slogan, star of David, Nescafe sachet.