Sunday, February 10, 2008

Olmert to Sderot: Stop whining

From YNet:
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert addressed the situation in Sderot at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, saying that "there is no doubt that we all share the pain and the anger is understandable and natural, but the anger is not an action plan."

Perhaps it is time to remind everyone of my Olmert Qassam statement history, last published in September:
In late November 2006, Olmert said "we are a little disappointed" that Qassam attacks continued even during a "cease fire" that Israel held to unilaterally.

The Qassams continued.

In December 2006, Olmert wrote a letter to the UN, saying "this restraint cannot continue for much longer."

The Qassams continued.

In February 2007, Olmert said, "
We are not going to restrain ourselves forever. The continued attacks challenge Israel's patience. In the end, if the attacks continue, we will respond."

The Qassams continued.

In April, Olmert said "[Israel] cannot continue to ignore the Qassam lunching [sic] and infiltration attempts of terrorist cells."

The Qassams continued.

Finally, in May, Israel gave up on the fictional "cease fire" and started targeting Qassam launchers.

Even so, the Qassams continued.

Month after month after month. Every single rocket causing celebrations and congratulatory articles in Palestinian Arab newspapers and websites.

Now, the Sderot schools are open and the number of Qassams is increasing.

And what does Olmert say in September?

We will not come to terms with it and we will not let it go by."

So Olmert has had plenty of time to devise a plan and the best he can do it reducing Gaza's electricity by 5%? And then he has the chutzpah to ask the victims of the daily attacks to not protest but to provide him with an "action plan" - isn't that his job?

Rather than reducing Qassams, they have increased greatly over the past couple of months.

Forget Winograd. The inability of Olmert to do anything to defend Israel against Qassams is enough reason on its own to demand his resignation.