Friday, February 29, 2008

Another member of the Zionist-controlled press

I just stumbled onto Tony Karon's blog. He works for Time magazine as a senior editor at TIME.com. While he takes pains to say that his opinions on his blog do not represent those of his employer, his opinions are, shall we say, a bit less than even-handed.

His blogroll includes Juan Cole and Richard Silverstein. He continuously describes anything but total love for Palestinian Arabs and anyone who is pro-Likud as "racist Zionist alte-kakkers". And he proudly brings out his Jewish bona-fides so prove to his leftist friends that, see, even Jews can be anti Israel with the best of you!

Having these opinions is his right, of course, as is his grating name-dropping. But it shows again that the American media and its leaders are hardly Zionist.