Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Who is Yarmulke.info?

I just noticed that a website has popped up called yarmulke.info which mirrors pretty much all of my postings, plus others. It does not give any credit to me for the articles, and only mentions me as a "contributor" on its sidebar.

It might just be a way to grab advertising revenue, as there is no contact info on the site.

While I do choose to remain anonymous, I do not want my postings to be placed on other sites without attribution and without context. It is also a little disconcerting to think that someone is making money from my content without even giving me credit for each posting. This is, to me, a gross violation of netiquette.

UPDATE: Indeed, this posting itself was mindlessly published on Yarmulke.info as well.

UPDATE 2: Commenter Cao mentioned that blogs like this are called "splogs" or "spam blogs" - this is close to it according to Wikipedia's entry but it doesn't have the distinguishing feature of nonsense postings.

At any rate, it appears that they noticed my complaint and removed all of my posts and the link to here.