Tuesday, January 01, 2008

And the 2008 EoZ Dhimmi of the Year is...

The long-time sentimental favorite, the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner and, more importantly, the 2003 Fiskie Award winner, former President, peanut farmer and terrorist-sympathizer extraordinaire, Jimmy Carter!

While some (including myself) may dispute his status as a classic dhimmi, Mr. Carter did still manage to do some spectacularly dhimmi-type activities this year, including:

- The revelation that he might have advised his friend, Yasser Arafat, to reject Israel's Camp David offer in 2000;

- Declaring the mass murders in Darfur to not be genocide;

- Starting a pompously-named supergroup plagiarized from your humble host, which coincidentally includes mostly members that share his hatred of Israel;

- Not backtracking from his 2006 praise of Hamas on Larry King;

- Advising Jews to hate Christian evangelists, and advising Christian Evangelists to hate Israel;

- Telling Iowans to choose candidates who aren't so darn pro-Israel; and

- Quoting a fake "letter from Nelson Mandela" that was created on a virulently anti-Israel website calling Israel an apartheid state as if it was true.

If we add what we found out about this great humanitarian in December of 2006 we can add:

- It was revealed that Dhimmi Carter himself, when President of the United States, personally intervened on behalf of a Nazi war criminal.

- It was shown that in his "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" book, Carter purposefully plagiarized and misrepresented maps that came from Dennis Ross' book on Camp David.

Yes, it was a busy year for Jimmah, with much of his efforts going towards strengthening terrorists and demonizing Zionists.

So congratulations to Jimmy!

Honorable mention to Christiane Amanpour, our runner-up, who managed to equate a couple of abortion-clinic bombings and some decades-old Jewish settler actions with the purposeful murder of tens of thousands of people. Because, of course, all religions are equally likely to hurt people.

Perhaps she didn't win because she was accused of being a Zionist spy.

Honorable mentions to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the California congressional representatives, tied for third place. Full results here.