Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Palestinian Arabs freak over Sarkozy's statements

French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday made some statements that have the Palestinian Arabs up in arms:
"Each side should have its own nation-state," he said, according to Israeli officials who were present at the two leaders' meeting. "It is not reasonable for the Palestinians to demand both an independent state and also the refugees' return to the state of Israel, which even today has a minority of one million Arabs."

Sarkozy, who hosted Olmert at the Elysee Palace, expressed strong support for Israel, describing its establishment as "a miracle" and "the most significant event of the 20th century."

"They say that I support Israel because my grandfather was Jewish, but this isn't a personal matter," he continued, according to the Israeli sources. "Israel introduces diversity and democracy to the Middle East. It's a miracle that out of the remnants of the ... scattered Jewish people, such a state has arisen."

"Israel's security is a clear red line, which is not up for negotiation," he added. "That is an inviolable condition, which we will never concede."
Naturally, the Palestinian Arab reaction to the idea that Israel has a right to exist was fast and furious.

IMEMC sniffs in its "news" article about the statements:
In a highly-partisan speech, Sarkozy branded the creation of Israel as a "miracle," arguing that the state "introduces Democracy and diversity to the Middle East," a statement ignoring Israel's record of human rights violations, the fact that the apparently democratic Israel currently refuses to negotiate with a democratically-elected Hamas government, and the associated fact of Israel's continued policy of collective punishment against residents of both the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Nicloas Sarkoy, the 23rd President of the French Republic, was elected to the position on May 6, 2007 on a right-wing ticket. While he is well-know for his uncompromising and controversial views on law and order and immigration, he is most famous for attending a press conference while apparently drunk.
Do you get the impression that this "reporter" isn't happy?

The PA's own refugee committee demanded an apology for those hurtful words.

Expect to see much more vitriol as Arab editorialists scramble to write pieces on how Jews must be banished from the West Bank while Arabs must be allowed to move where ever they want.