Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Surprise! Corruption at Gaza power company

From Ma'an:
Details of financial and administrative corruption in the Palestinian power company in Gaza was revealed by the deputy chair of the Palestinian power authority, Kan'an 'Ubeid, on Monday evening.

At a press conference in Gaza City, 'Ubeid said there was evidence of money and grants being embezzled as well as finances provided for projects that never materialized.

He called on the European Union to send monitors and auditors from local and international companies to investigate the accusations that money paid in utility bills was ending up in Hamas' coffers.

'Ubeid also called on President Mahmoud Abbas to bring to justice those alleged to have been involved in corruption at the power company. He revealed that a number of suspects have been arrested and have admitted to stealing fuel from the company.

He accused the Palestinian minister of information Riyad Al-Maliki of falsely claiming that Hamas took control of the power generating company and its income.

"There had been a contract with a local company to supply 430 thousand litres of fuel to run the company's generators, and the grant was stolen by the former general manager of the company, the financial manager in cooperation with the supplying company," 'Ubeid explained.

'Ubeid also a grant of 586,000 US dollars from the European Union appeared to be unaccounted for.
So the PalArabs blame Israel for not having power in Gaza, then they blame the EU - and, as usual, the real reasons for their problems are their own people.