Friday, August 17, 2007

PalArab turns Israeli teen into sex slave for PA officials

More news from the group that the West and Kadima think will lead a peaceful PalArab state:
A Palestinian from Ramallah turned an 18-year-old Israeli girl he met on the internet into his sex slave, Ynet reported on Friday.

A few months ago Tal (not her real name) met who she thought was her prince charming in an internet chat room. Following a brief period of online correspondence, the two met in person. The Palestinian took Tal out to restaurants and showered her with gifts, and the unsuspecting Israeli teen thought she had found the man of her dreams.

Within a month of their first encounter she was already in love with him, and did not hesitate for a second when he asked her to move into his home in Ramallah. But shortly after the two began living together the man approached Tal and asked that she “comfort” a friend of his. She agreed to sleep with the friend as a one-time gesture for her beloved boyfriend, but was forced to have sex with others as time went by.

Tal was then brought to a lavish villa, where she and several Muslim women granted sexual services to senior Palestinian Authority officials on a regular basis. Eventually Tal managed to escape and return to Israel.

A volunteer in an organization that offers help to Israeli teenagers who have experienced similar traumas told Ynet that Arab girls from Jaffa have also been lured to the territories under false pretenses.

“The Muslim girls are afraid to return to Israel because they lose their virginity there. When they meet the person in a chat room they are certain that it will lead to marriage. Their families in Israel don’t want them back because they have ‘brought shame’ upon them,” she said.

The volunteer said the victims are usually lonely people from a low socio-economic background.
There have been many documented cases of Arabs sweeping Israeli women off their feet and then abusing them, often marrying them, and there are organizations in Israel dedicated to helping these women escape. In a rare case yesterday, an Israeli court ruled that a woman who escaped should have custody of the children, still in a West Bank village, and the IDF helped save them (this story from Ma'an):
Israeli military vehicles stormed into a house in a village in the West Bank in the early hours of Thursday morning, taking two children from their Palestinian father to be given to their Jewish Israeli mother.

Forty-four-year-old Jabr Issa had been ordered by an Israeli court to hand over the two girls, aged 4 and 1. The Israeli forces were sent to the village of Beit Oula, south of Hebron, to take the children after Issa had not complied with the court order.

Issa was not in the house at the time but the girls' grandfather was unable to stop them being taken away.

Local villagers said that Issa had married the girls' mother, Rifqa, 35, an Israeli citizen, in Turkey in the year 2000. They moved to the village where Issa worked in the construction industry.

One neighbour told Ma'an that problems between the couple began 3 or 4 months ago and Rifqa left the village.

Yousef Taye'a, one of the village residents said "Rifqa used to come to our house. She used to be happy and she speaks very good Arabic."

Issa's brother, Jamal, 37, is also married to a Jewish Israeli woman.
Arutz Sheva had a series of articles about this phenomenon a few years ago, stating some of the problems Jewish women have when they marry Arabs - they are more likely to be beaten than Arab wives, for example.