Monday, August 06, 2007

PalArab technological innovation: explosive sheep

Never let it be said that the Palestinian Arabs are technologically backward. Innovation just oozes from the territories, if you know where to look.
An IDF force operating in the West Bank on Monday morning uncovered an explosive device weighing 40 kilograms (88 pounds), which was hidden inside the corpse of a sheep.

The soldiers were led to the device by a Palestinian terrorist who was arrested and questioned by the defense establishment.

According to intelligence information, military sources believe that the device, which was found on a road near the settlement of Elon Moreh, was slated to be used in a terror attack in one of the settlements in the area – Elon Moreh, Kedumim, Itamar or Bracha.
Exploding sheep has been a popular meme in the computer gaming community for years, and the earliest pop-culture reference to an exploding sheep seems to date from this Johnny Carson Carnac clip.

This attack may have been inspired by this fake ad for a New Zealand meat pie:

And this is not the first Palestinian Arab innovation in using animals for blowing up Jews. Donkeys have been the animal of choice up until now, as the Jersualem Post helpfully explains:

In 2003, a donkey rigged with explosives blew up as a bus passed on the road from Jerusalem to Gush Etzion, approximately 80 meters from a nearby IDF roadblock and the ascent to Har Gilo and Beit Jala on Sunday morning.

No one was wounded, though a bus passenger was treated for shock.

According to the army, a gas canister filled with explosives and metal rods was strapped to the donkey and a second, full of explosives, was placed next to it. The bombs were detonated simultaneously by two cellphones.

In the Gaza Strip in June 2001, a Palestinian drove a donkey cart laden with explosives toward a group of soldiers. At the last minute he jumped off the cart and detonated the bombs that exploded only partially. The cart had been loaded with four gas canisters, two mines, a bag of oil, and a bag of nails.

In January 2001, terrorists left a donkey cart laden with explosives unattended near the Netzarim junction. Soldiers fired at the cart, detonating the large amount of explosives and killing the donkey.

In June 1995, a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated a donkey-led cart rigged with explosives near an IDF base near Khan Yunis. No soldiers were wounded in the blast, but the Palestinian and the donkey were killed.

One must look at these incidents in context. After all, the jackasses at the Dubai-based Gulf News consider all of the thousands of terror attacks, including the innovative animal-based attacks, as evidence of the Arab world's desperate attempts to make peace with Israel (h/t Judeopundit at Soccer Dad):
Since 1991 the Arab world has been fixated on a peaceful Israel. For years, Arabs have been desperately waiting for Israel to give a nod of approval on accepting to live in peace with them.
You see? Arabs are so desperate for peace that they are willing to blow up their own animals for the cause! Every flying donkey kidney is nothing more than a cry for a more peaceful world.