Thursday, August 02, 2007

Islamic Jihad kills Hamas member over right to shoot at weddings

It's so good to know that the PalArabs have some moral principles worth killing over. Notice how the pro-terror IMEMC "news" tries so hard to use the passive voice when discussing Arabs murdering Arabs:

A member of the Executive Force of the Hamas Ministry of Interior was killed and seven persons were injured in clashes with Islamic Jihad members north of Gaza city on Wednesday night.

Islam Shahwan, spokesperson for the Executive Force, reported that three of its members were shot while trying to apprehend a civilian who was breaking the law. Members of Islamic Jihad intervened, resulting in an armed clash.

Shahwan explained that a group of the Executive Force was ordered to arrest a civilian who broke a recently-created law by firing gunshots during a wedding celebration for the Eteesh family. Heavy gunfire from the family's house injured Husam Abu El Kheer, an Executive Force member, causing his death.

Shahwan reported that the Executive Force sent reinforcements to the area and imposed an intensive blockade on the family's house which caused the injuries of three of its members. A large number of Executive Force fighters besieged the house aiming to capture the gunmen.

For his part, Shahwan criticized the Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, and its collusion with the Eteesh family in firing on Executive Force members who try to preserve security in the region.

Currently, efforts are being made by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to contain the situation, since the leaders of Islamic Jihad hold Hamas responsible for the incident.
Every year, dozens of PalArabs are killed or injured during shootings during wedding and funeral celebrations. Hamas, to its credit, actually tried to do something about it - but the peace loving PalArabs will defend their time-honored deadly traditions to the death.

IMEMC also reports on other "tensions" between IJ and Hamas since the Hamas takeover, including Hamas blowing up the entrance to an IJ "charity" and one other armed clash. Islamic Jihad always opposed Hamas' entrance into politics.

UPDATE: There were two killed in Hamas/Islamic Jihad fighting this morning. The 2007 PalArab self-death count is now at 499.