Sunday, August 19, 2007

An intriguing letter from Haniyeh to Bashir Assad

Ma'an Arabic reports on a letter that Hamas leader Haniyeh sent to Bashir Assad, dictator of Syria.

First, some background:

There are a few refugee camps on the Syria/Iraq border, and the Palestinian Arabs who live there have fled Iraq in terror. Syria is not letting them in. Syria is certainly not letting them become citizens, as one would expect "brothers" to act.

There is a good, historic reason why Syria and most other Arab countries refuse to help out Palestinian Arabs and allow them to settle permanently in their countries. Since 1948, they have been dead-set against allowing them to become citizens because they don't want the refugee problem to go away - they want refugees to fester in dire conditions to use them as pawns for the West to pressure Israel.

The Orwellian twist is that the Arabs do this ostensibly to preserve Palestinian Arab nationalism and unity. If the refugees would have been absorbed as refugees throughout history have been, then there would no longer be a "Palestinian cause." The fiction that Arabs have been telling each other for some 60 years is that their mistreatment of Palestinian Arabs has been for the PalArabs' own good. This narrative has been so universal that no Arab, Palestinian or otherwise, dares to disagree with it. Instead, they twist their thought processes around in remarkable ways to allow them to think that mistreatment is a good thing.

Now, there are hundreds or thousands of people whose ancestors came from Palestine, who have lived in Iraq for decades, who have never been allowed to become Iraqi citizens and who now are truly being persecuted, unlike the vast majority of Palestinian Arabs who have been getting free food and education courtesy of the UNRWA. These people really do need help, and the obvious people to help are those who rule the Arab countries that border Iraq.

Now we can read the letter and see the hoops that PalArabs have to jump in order to pretend that being mistreated for decades is all for the best: (autotranslated):
Gaza-together - Prime Minister Ismail Haniya article, a letter to Syrian President Bashar Assad price of the Syrian leadership's position towards the Palestinian cause and to serve the Palestinian people.

Haniya called on the Syrian leadership to intervene immediately to take decisions that end suffering of Palestinian refugees in camps and Walid Al-Tenf, and the Sphinx.

Haniya said in the letter "we value your positions nationalism advanced toward the Palestinian cause, and greatly appreciate your hard work and continued in service of the Palestinian people, you know, Your Excellency, the President enormous suffering experienced by your brothers, your sons in the camps Walid, and Al-Tenf Sphinx and some airports and seaports Arab, they hope Your Excellency to intervene. Personal decisions that end suffering complex and interrelated and accumulated by allowing them to live a decent under your auspices in your venerable, an extension of the proceedings in support of issues of national homeland in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon and other Arab countries, as we bring you security broken, we call Bvkhamtkm that this interesting case and special care of yourself and the appointment of a representative of your Excellency to pursue the matter or what you deem appropriate, your brothers Palestinians caught in these camps and your Kararakm waiting. "
By asking Assad to let them into his country, to ask him to treat them like human beings, Haniyeh knows that he is upsetting the status quo of Arab nations treating PalArabs like dirt. But since that treatment is for the greater good of their cause, he has to ask nicely for the Syrian dictator to break the rules and not treat them quite so badly.

This is a remarkable illustration of the convoluted Arab thinking that accompanies the standard Palestinian Arab "refugee" narrative.