Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hamas: Early release for prisoners who memorize Koran

From Ma'an:
Gaza – Ma'an – The administration of Gaza's central jail, As Saraya, which is controlled by the Hamas-operated Executive Forces, announced on Tuesday that it will reduce any prisoner's sentence by one year if they are able to memorise five parts of the holy Qu'ran.

The director of the prison complex, Abu Al Hamid, affirmed that he wants to encourage the prisoners to learn the Koran by heart.

The Executive Force's website reported that Al Hamid has formed a committee that will monitor the prisoners' progress.

The EF has been in control of the complex after Hamas established control over the Gaza Strip. Since then, at least 850 prisoners are said to have escaped.
Presumably, the escaped prisoners already knew the Koran by heart so it is all good.