Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday micro-blogging news links

As is often the case, there are too many stories to blog properly, so here's a few micro-blog entries:

Egyptian soldiers brutally lynched 4 Sudanese refugees trying to reach Israel - and IDF soldiers caught it on videotape.
This story has been all but ignored by the MSM; I found it at only a German site outside Israeli and Sudanese news sites. The Sudanese site credited AP which means it is not the wire services' fault but the individual news editors - in some ways this is worse.

Google News seems to have gone back yet again to indexing The People's Voice despite its repeated anti-semitic articles.
This pattern has repeated often enough.

Ma'an News has a "breaking news" (non-linkable) headline saying that Hamas and Fatah are in talks to form another unity government. (Ma'an Arabic has the story.)
...thus assuring that international aid meant to prop up Fatah goes to Hamas as well, as it always does. Here's the illustration in the Arabic story, showing that PalArabs will always prefer Hamas to the West - always.

Three Qassams were fired at Israel today, injuring one; four on Wednesday evening.
These attacks barely rate as news anymore, while Sderot residents live in daily fear.
Some Israelis are shooting back - vegetable rockets.

The "amnesty deal" for Fatah is reported to be falling apart as it is found out that the "weapons" they handed in were ancient rifles.
Who is surprised about this?

(h/t Judeopundit, Israel Matzav)