Tuesday, August 07, 2007

2 children killed in Gaza. Let the lies begin!

From Ma'an:
Gaza – Ma'an – Palestinian child, Hala Wael Abdalah, aged 7, and her brother, Islam, aged 9, were killed in an explosion on Tuesday morning in a housing estate, in the An Nada area of the northern Gaza Strip.

Eight others were injured in the incident.

The cause of the explosion has not been verified.

Palestinian medical sources from Kamal Adwan Hospital said that Hala arrived dead, with her body severely burnt and in pieces. Her brother, Islam, died shortly after arriving at hospital.

Ma'an contacted local residents in the area to decipher the cause of the incident. Many said they believe it was a Palestinian homemade projectile, launched by one of the factions and targeting Israel, which landed in the area and killed the two children.

None of the factions have as yet announced responsibility for launching the projectile.

A leader within the Palestinian resistance commented on Ma'an's report of the death of the children. He said "the investigation of the resistance revealed that the explosion resulted from an unexploded rocket, launched by the Israelis."

He added "the rocket was found by the children and while they were playing with it, it exploded and caused the disaster."
YNet has a different spin:

Witnesses said a group of children stumbled upon a homemade rocket or a mortar shell and began playing with it. The device exploded, injuring all seven children, two of whom died later of their wounds.

The area is a frequent launching pad for gunmen who fire rockets toward Israel.

No Palestinian group blamed the IDF for the explosion.

All evidence, including within the Ma'an article, is that this was a PalArab rocket and not an Israeli one. But how does Ma'an headline the article?

"Unexploded Israeli rocket detonates killing two children in Gaza."

Thus solidifying the fact that even the most unbiased Palestinian Arab news source is, in fact, incredibly biased. Or at the very least that the many Hamas threats against journalists is being taken very seriously and is affecting how the news is being reported out of Gaza.

The PalArab self-death count is now at 503.

UPDATE: This has been a banner day for PalArab kids, as a 13-year old gets killed by some other kids while on a fishing trip near Nablus. I guess when everyone has a gun, some of them might be discharged. 504.