Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today's hypocritical "human rights" group: Physicians for Human Rights (Israel)

According to their website:
Physicians For Human Rights-Israel was founded in 1988 with the goal of struggling for human rights, in particular the right to health, in Israel and the Occupied Territories. Human dignity, wellness of mind and body and the right to health are at the core of the world view of the organization and direct and instruct our activities and efforts on both the individual and general level. Our activities integrate advocacy and action toward changing harmful policies and direct action providing healthcare.

Wonderful words! However, when looking at the press releases of this "human rights" organization, one notices a bit of a one-sidedness as far as what these proud humanitarians condemn.

Some statements have to do with healthcare: they condemn Israel for not allowing Gazans who need medical attention to go into Israel proper to get it. Many of their statements have nothing to do with healthcare - for example, they condemn Israel's "occupation" on the grounds that it prevents Palestinian Arab academic freedom.

None of their statements have any bad words to say about Palestinian Arabs who attack, injure and kill Israelis, such as Sderot rocket attacks. More to the point, I couldn't find a condemnation of Wafa al-Biss, who planned on blowing up an Israeli hospital in 2005.

One would think that these misguided physicians are perhaps only sensitive to Palestinian Arab lives, not Jewish ones. But does that explain their silence when Gaza terrorists murdered patients in their beds in a hospital just last month as they used hospitals for gunbattles? And then did it again?

No, the pattern isn't that these physicians care about Palestinian Arabs more than Jews. The pattern is that they exclusively condemn Israel, period, despite their stated goals. Their silence about Arab on Arab fighting, killing hundreds of Palestinian Arabs this year alone, shows that they don't really care about PalArabs at all.

They're just another bunch of hypocrites hiding behind their status as doctors, and in effect their goals are no different than the doctors recently arrested in the UK. Their interest in human rights is nil.