Sunday, April 08, 2007

Some Muslim Brotherhood facts

In the wake of the Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood head in Egypt, it makes sense to look back at the Brotherhood itself and what it stands for.

First, here is an article about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism from the October 19, 1948 Palestine Post that gives an excellent background of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Egyptian fundamentalist movements at that time:

Since then, the MB became the ideological godfather to Hamas and Al Qaeda, although as it has risen in power politically it has officially distanced itself from terror.

Which doesn't mean that it no longer advocates terror - it is just a bit more circumspect. Its current web page is slick and seems downright mainstream.

However, the truth comes out a bit clearer in this other webpage that spells out more explicitly the movement's goals:
A huge tree of "sub-goals" branches from these main objectives which are derived from the Quran and the tradition of the prophet (pbuh) [3,4]:
1- Building the Muslim individual: brother or sister with a strong body, high manners, cultured thought, ability to earn, strong faith, correct worship, conscious of time, of benefit to others, organized, and self-struggling character [3].
2- Building the Muslim family: choosing a good wife (husband), educating children Islamicaly, and inviting other families.
3- Building the Muslim society (thru building individuals and families) and addressing the problems of the society realistically.
4- Building the Muslim state.
5- Building the Khilafa (basically a shape of unity between the Islamic states).
6- Mastering the world with Islam.
Only world domination - no big deal, right?

Here's their theme:

Allah is our objective.
The messenger is our leader.
Quran is our law.
Jihad is our way.
Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

So while they are all smiles (the current website features an article showing their smiling leader with a baby!) and have effectively hijacked the language of liberalism (democracy, free speech, freedoms) they are aiming at nothing less than a world-wide Islamic caliphate where non-Muslims are second-class citizens, at best.

This may not be the best people for Democratic leaders to meet with.