Sunday, April 01, 2007

The sewage weapon

YNet points out that Gaza sewage pouring into the Mediterranean is far worse than Qassams.
But even more worrying is the fact that this situation will inevitably bring about a spate of improvised and haphazard initiatives from the local inhabitants to contend with the problem - without any planning, supervision or regard for the hydro-strategic damage these initiatives will cause the hated Zionists. Very soon - courtesy of the disengagement and its architects - Israel will find itself impaled on the horns of a nasty dilemma being forced to choose between two very unpalatable choices:
  • A hydrological/ecological disaster that threatens to cripple the national water system and pollute a large section of its coastline; or
  • A political/diplomatic nightmare where Israel is obliged to use military force to "physically stop" (in the words of the Water Commission Report) that crippling disaster from taking place, while being portrayed as a callous monster coercing multitudes of unfortunate, fate-stricken Palestinians to endure a life of squalor in swamps of sewage and stench.
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