Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mahmoud Abbas lies again

A couple of hours ago, Reuters reported:
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has reached an agreement with militant groups that they will stop rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip into Israel, an aide said on Wednesday.

"President Abbas is doing everything he can to stop the attacks," said Nabil Amr, accompanying Abbas on a visit to Poland as part of a diplomatic offensive to convince the EU to lift a freeze on financial aid to the Palestinian government.

"He has reached a real agreement with all forces that occasionally fire rockets," Amr told Reuters in an interview.
It took only a few minutes for even Reuters to show that Abbas was lying:
In Gaza, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad, which advocates the Jewish state's destruction, said his group's [sic] had no plan to stop firing rockets and was bound only by tactical considerations.

"There is no decision to stop firing," the spokesman, Abu Ahmed, said. "It increases and decreases according to security conditions on ground."
But what about Hamas? Surely the newly-moderate coalition partner will agree to stop rocket attacks?

Not according to Hamas' "military wing":
Al-Quds Brigades Denied what the Zionist media claimed about reaching an agreement with President Mahmoud Abbas to stop firing rockets, Abu Ahmed, the spokesmen said in a statement "the Zionist media claims are untrue".
For Hamas to call Reuters the epithet "Zionist" must mean they are really ticked off.

UPDATE: YitzchokGoodman of Judeopundit correctly points out that Al-Quds is Islamic Jihad, not Hamas. I mixed them up because I read it on a Hamas website. Sorry!