Thursday, April 05, 2007

Latest state-of-the-art in flaming hoop jumping

We've all seen the photos of Palestinian Arab "policemen" training by using the tried-and-true Flame Hoop Jumping Course:

But no one has really tracked the progress made by these innovators in the ancient circus art.

Originally, the hoop-jumping was merely for stationary flaming hoops, as seen above. But by 2003, the PalArabs had graduated to leaping through movable hoops while someone shoots a machine gun on the ground:

This was OK for a couple of years, but to really put fear into the Zionist infidels, a new dimension was needed. And, in 2006, the braintrust of the PalArab Security Forces came up with it:

Multiple hoops.

We don't have a picture of the actual exercise of multiple terrorists jumping simultaneously through adjacent flaming hoops, but it can be inferred from this picture:

But we are three months into 2007 now, and it is time for a enw wrinke on hoop-jumping. After months of preparation, the PalArabs are finally able to unveil their latest secret weapon:

Two jumpers through a single hoop.

One can only imagine what will come next. Three jumpers through a movable fiery hoop while trying to dodge live hand grenades? Jumping through flaming hoops backwards while reciting the Koran?

One shudders at the skill of these security professionals.