Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ann Arbor synagogue gets picketed every week

A Jewish pro-Palestinian-Arab organization has been picketing an Ann Arbor, MI Conservative synagogue, Beth Israel, every Shabbat for over three years.

Even though the synagogue is pro-peace, and supports a two-state solution, this is not enough for the airheads who continue their protests. They demand that the synagogue disavow all support for Israel as a Jewish state, support all PalArabs to move to wherever they want in Israel, and some other absurdities. The protest group has been deplored and condemned by the Ann Arbor City Council and most major newspapers, and an anti-protest organization that just started in March already has 260 members.

Perhaps the most innovative response comes from a group named SPURN, for "Synagogue Protest UNACCEPTABLE! Respond Now," which raises money for Magen David Adom proportional to the size of the protest every week. So far, they have raised over $84,000.

Try to imagine the headlines that would result if people protested a mosque every week, no matter how peacefully.