Thursday, April 05, 2007

17 weeks in a row. Plus some other stats.

For the 17th consecutive week, the number of Palestinian Arabs killed by other PalArabs has exceeded the number killed by Israeli defensive actions.

PCHR claims 4 killed by Israel this week, and I counted 7 killed by other PalArabs from last Thursday to Wednesday.

PICCR, whose website has not been updated in months, keeps its own counts of internal PalArab violence, and its numbers for March are very close to mine (29 deaths, I counted 30.) They also added that in March there were 46 kidnappings in the PA territories.

Also, the utterly immoral "Defence for Children Internation- Palestine Section" has a press release vilifying Israel for everything terrible that happens to children in the territories, yet buried in the middle they admit that 17 children under 18 have been killed in internal PA violence this year, versus 8 killed by Israel (most of whom were 16-17.)