Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Yemenite Jews update

As we mentioned in January, the Jews of Sa'ada, Yemen were forced out of their homes when they were threatened by Shi'ite rebels there.

Since then, the government of Yemen has provided them with shelter in Tourist City where they celebrated Purim. It appears that the government is going out of its way to make them as comfortable as possible, providing them with new clothes and food.

One Yemen newspaper, Al-Ray al-Aam, quotes a Kuwaiti newspaper in the theory that the Shi'ite rebels are proxies of Iran and that the Jews were targeted specifically as representing Israel:
Concerning this issue, the news of last week referred to an investigation conducted by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Syasah in which it claimed that Yemen has changed into an arena for the dispute between the state of Israel that is formed of sons of dogs that came from the European, Russian and American whorehouses and between the ruling Shiite Mullahs of Iran that are highly ambitious to reform the map of the Arab peninsula and the gulf through what are known to be Shiite groups in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain as well as from the changes that happened following the invasion of Iraq that brought sectarian Shiite rule to the fore. This Shiite minority has become the tool of a destructive war against the legitimate regime at the internal level and represents a regional war through the fatwas (legal advices) made by this minority against the regime and its president and against Yemen in general. They also have been conducting political meetings for serving the Jafari oratory through the Iranian satellite channels directed to the Arab region and through the Shiite satellite channels that have emerged in Iraq following the Shiite groups that seek to strike at the Arab situations and have captured the authority in Iraq.

According to the Kuwaiti al-Syasah newspaper the Israeli-Iranian intelligence war resulted in threatening the Jewish community in Sa’ada by al-Houthi insurgents who threatened to kill them under the pretense of being a source of depravity as was published. They have been threatened to be killed unless they leave the country. This means that the threats against the Jews were a message between the Israelis and the Iranians that are using Yemen as the battlefield for this conflict, the tools of which are the Yemeni Jewish minority and the Yemeni Shiite minority in Sa’ada. If what was published in Al-Syasah is true, it indicates a dangerous default by the concerned Yemeni security authorities.
Notice how Israel is offhandedly referred to in the Kuwait paper as "formed of sons of dogs that came from the European, Russian and American whorehouses." Kuwait is of course one of the more "moderate" regimes, and the nationthat was saved from Saddam Hussein by the US.

But either way, the president of Yemen is to be cheered for how he is handling the persecution of his nation's few remaining Jews.