Thursday, March 01, 2007

12 weeks in a row and counting

The "Palestine Center for Human Rights" has a weekly, exhaustive report of how terrible Israel is, listing deaths, injuries, arrests and so on, with no context, all for the singular purpose of demonizing Israel to the world. Certainly human rights is not their aim because while they will mention some of the PalArabs killed by each other, it is far from their focus.

I just checked their numbers against my counts of how many Palestinian Arabs were violently killed by each other for the durations of each of their weekly reports.

For each of the past 12 weeks in a row, more Palestinian Arabs have been killed by other PalArabs than by Israel. (This week, Israel killed four - 3 on purpose and one accidentally - and the PalArabs themselves killed 10 of their own.)

Over that time period, the ratio of Palestinian Arabs killed by each other to those killed by Israel is over 4-1 (about 170 to 40.)

There are many organizations, both Arab and Western, who claim to care about Palestinian Arab civilians, but for some reason none of them are publicizing these numbers. It certainly appears that they don't love Palestinian Arabs as much as they just hate Israel.