Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two Gaza women murdered. But not by Israel, so who cares?

Maan News updates us on how well that unity government is working:
Gaza - Ma'an - The Gaza Strip witnessed a number of violent and suspicious incidents over the last 24 hours, Palestinian security sources told Ma'an News Agency. The police are currently investigating these incidents.

In one incident, the bullet-ridden body of a woman in her twenties was found in the Atatra area, west of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday. She had been shot at least ten times, the sources said. She is suspected to have been killed due to reasons of a family dispute.

Another female in her forties was found dead in Tunnel Street in the east of Gaza City, the sources said.

In a third case, the police were informed that a Palestinian man, Raed Qishtah, 25, was abducted in the Rafah area. The sources believe that the pro-Hamas Executive Force, the armed group under the command of the interior ministry, is responsible for the abduction.

While in the Rimal area of south Gaza City, an explosive device was planted outside the gate of the house of a university lecturer. It exploded but did not cause any casualties or injuries.

The police also learned that the car of Gen. Afif Sheikh was stolen on Tuesday morning.
Of course, no mainstream news source mentions this because everyone knows that Palestinian Arab women are expendable when they are killed by Arabs. "Honor killings" are not of interest.

I had already counted the first death last night, so our count of Palestinian Arabs violently killed by each other is now at 333 since late July and 128 since January 1.

UPDATE 1: A body of a 22-year old terrorist was found in a tunnel between Gaza and Egypt that collapsed three days ago. 334 and 129.

UPDATE 2: It was 3 women murdered in Gaza in 24 hours, according to PCHR. One was 31, one was 40 and the other was 45. All were shot multiple times. 335 and 130.