Friday, January 12, 2007

PalArab violence below the radar

Just because relatively few people were killed this week doesn't mean that people in Gaza are getting along any better.

Here are some of the day's headlines:
  • The Alkavarnh family in Gaza gave out a press release (autotranslated):
    The family said in a statement : that on 1-9-2007 on Tuesday, when the brother Raed Mahmoud Alkavarnh and his return to his home, as members of the executive force stationed in the abandoned mosque of Amr Bin Abdul Aziz in the town, shooting directly at his car and fought.

    Her family, said that had nothing to do with any organization from near or far, but it is the family Alkavarnh, each claim the honor of the executive to desist from such acts, which do not serve the interests of only the enemy, indicating that those who opened fire are known to have a name, and the testimony of executive power themselves and the people living near the scene of the crime.

    The family : "we are not advocates of civil war, and that any prejudice to any person of the family is an attack on the family, and we will respond in an iron hand, and in a manner that would have grave consequences, and that those who attempted to assassinate our son are known to us, and we will deal with them as individuals, strong, and will be a lesson for others, God.

    "Whoever will not forgive us, no matter how long it takes Sanhasph Umm Qasr"