Thursday, December 14, 2006

Weblog awards update

OK, it turns out that I'm not quite as egoless as I like to think I am.

While I have no chance of winning, I do appreciate all votes I get. And it makes the Elders look bad when I can't gather a large number of votes.

So if you think that this blog is the best in its category (Best Middle East or Africa Blog) please remember to vote for it, daily, and spare me the embarrassment of ending up with a measly couple of dozen votes compared to the hundreds and soon thousands that others are getting.

UPDATE: Now that the voting is in full wing and it is clear that I'm not in the running, I have a new goal: to beat The Sudanese Thinker. We've been neck and neck since the beginning but since I first mentioned my goal yesterday he seems to have marshaled his forces and has pulled into the lead. What kind of a Ziyonist conspiracy can I be leading if I can't even make it to fourth place? So help me reach my much more modest goal of beating TST and vote!

And don't forget to consider the other JBlogs that are up for awards as well:
Treppenwitz (in my category)
Jack's Shack/Random Thoughts in The Best 2501-3500
Dry Bones in Best Comic Strip
A Town Crier in The Best 1001-1750

Also, my excellent competitor Sandmonkey was kind enough to link to me so I feel compelled to return the favor.