Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Justice, PalArab-style

The irony:
Increasing anarchy in the Palestinian Authority: Wednesday morning, anonymous gunmen shot and killed a judge in Khan Younis, in southern Gaza.

Palestinian sources reported that the four gunmen got out of a civilian vehicle and opened fire at Judge Bassem el-Fara, who was killed on the spot.

This is the second murder of a Palestinian judge this week: Three days prior, Judge Jamal Abu Salim was killed in the same area.
And more:
Officials from the governing Hamas faction said Bassam al-Fara, 28, was a judge in a civil court but also a member of the group’s armed wing.
Ya gotta hand it to the PalArabs. Just when you think that Fatah is depraved for killing a judge, you realize that the "judge" was a Hamas terrorist himself.

It is somewhat interesting to see that there are any people who call themselves judges left in the territories. I recall the "Palestine Human Rights Moniitoring Group" has lists of certain types of verdicts from the PalArab "justice" system (like "collaborators" ) and their lists pretty much ended a couple of years ago. (The site is down as I am writing this.) I believe that this Google cached page has the stats.)

But I suppose that if they have so many pretend policemen, many of whom moonlight as terrorists, it only makes sense that they have pretend judges who are terrorists as well.