Sunday, December 24, 2006

Handy-dandy guide to Olmert's negotiating skill

The increasingly French Olmert showed off his devastating negotiating skills with the "moderate" terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas this evening. For those too lazy to read all the details, here's a scorecard:
What Abbas got What Olmert got
$100 million More Qassams Saturday and Sunday
Discussion of extending the "cease fire" to the West Bank
Abbas' Force 17 will be deployed at the Philadelphi Corridor
Discussions on how Israel will release terrorist prisoners
PLO "Badr Brigrades" troops will come from Jordan
Removal of some checkpoints in the West Bank

For good measure, Saeb Erekat described the meeting to Palestinian Arabic news sources in this way (autotranslated):
Mr. President addressed the revival of a meaningful peace process between the two sides leading to the end of military occupation, the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and the application of the road map, including the Arab peace initiative and other issues of the final status negotiations, Jerusalem, settlements, borders, refugees and water.
So apparently, despite Hamas running the government, everything that PalArabs want is still up for negotiation while not a single Israeli position is even discussed.

Way to go, Olmert! It's nice to see you are so empathetic with the Palestinian Arabs, the Saudis and the Europeans. That covers almost everyone!