Friday, December 15, 2006

Astounding PalArab murder statistic (updated)

As my readers know, I have been scouring PalArab press and websites looking for accurate statistics on how many Palestinian Arabs are killed by each other, and I have been keeping my own count since late June.

Very few of the murders I've uncovered were of supposed "collaborators" with Israel. While we know that Palestinian Arabs actually trying to reduce terror is a capital crime in PA-land (along with the even more heinous crime of selling land to Jews), not too many of these murders have been reported.

But the BBC recently had an article on "collaborators" that includes this astonishing statistic:
According to a Palestinian human rights group, Adel Ahmed's experience is increasingly common.

Amid the growing chaos in the West Bank, it estimates that approximately one person a day is killed having been accused of collaborating.

No-one has been arrested following any of these killings and many Palestinians say that the charges are normally false.

However, with the breakdown in law and order, the accusation has become the excuse for revenge and bloodletting.
One murder a day for collaboration? I see clan clashes, intra-PalArab security fighting, honor killings and the ever-fun work accidents, but are these people all being killed silently?

And which "human rights" organization is saying this? I follow about six of them, and have not come across any statistics of this type.

Let's give these guys a state!

UPDATE: The "Palestine Center for Human Rights" just published a position paper in which, while they do not support the death penalty, they clearly say that any Palestinian Arab who collaborates with Israel is deserving of sever pubishment, and that they opposed the Oslo agreements where collaborators would not be punished.

In other words, this twisted "human rights" organization is telling the Palestinian people that if they know about a terror attack that is imminent that is aimed against Jews, they should not under any circumstances inform Israel to allow her to defend herself and her citizens.

How can a "human rights" organization have such a twisted view of morality?

When it doesn't consider Israeli Jews to be "human," of course!