Monday, December 11, 2006

Arab psychosis, part 2

We recently highlighted part of an interview with the Al-Jazeerah editor blaming every single problem in the Arab world on Israel.

Lest one think that this is an aberration, look at the final statement that came out of the Gulf Cooperation Summit that just ended (the one where they say how important it is for oil-rich states where the sun shines 365 days a year to develop "peaceful" nuclear energy.)

I could not find a human English translation of the statement, but Al-Ayyam provides one in Arabic which appears to be identical to the words spoken by the Emir of Qatar three weeks ago. So I will use the Emir's wording:
The absence of a just solution of the Palestinian cause and the great sufferings by the brotherly people of Palestine that goes beyond all imagination, are the real causes of the aggravation and diversity of conflicts in the Middle East. Hence it is the obligation of the international community to give top priority to reaching a just solution of this cause in accordance with international legality, since temporary solutions or partial settlements are no longer adequate or acceptable if this area has to enjoy security and stability.

So how exactly do Israeli actions affect people in Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE?

Obviously, because some Jews who live 1500 miles away happen to control a sliver of land. This is very distressing and it causes them not to concentrate in school enough to become the leaders in science and industry that Arabs have been for centuries.

It all makes sense!