Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What the PalArab "intelligentsia" is saying in Arabic

This is well-trod ground but it is worth repeating, because most of Israel's "friends" are so convinced that all the Palestinian Arabs want are "the territories," or that the only people who are talking about the destruction of Israel are the Islamist crazies but not the secular, intellectual Palestinian Arab mainstream.

This is from an op-ed in Falasteen by a Dr. Issam Shawar. The main part of the article is talking about how the Qassam rockets are demoralizing the Zionists (showing that every article in the Hebrew press that complains about the situation is interpreted as a victory for the PalArabs,) but the final paragraph says (autotranslated):
In the end, the Beni Zion should be aware that the cessation of rockets and stop the resistance is not only a truce with the Palestinian People, truce allows for the creation of a Palestinian state with temporary borders on 67 areas without recognizing the legitimacy of occupation of any inch of Palestinian land. then they can enjoy a quiet and time to Mlfathm and corruption. For us live in freedom and dignity and peace, to build a nation and a quarter of other things.
As usual the translation is a little muddied but what is very clear is that even the "moderate" PalArabs only look at any state in the territories as a temporary stop on the way to the destruction of all of Israel.