Sunday, November 19, 2006

Using Israel's morality as a weapon against it

The PalArabs are buzzing over their latest "victory" (as usual, they define victory as not losing):
The Israeli military has called off a planned strike on the home of a Palestinian militant after hundreds of people gathered at the house to act as a human shield.

The Israeli military had telephoned the house of a commander of the Popular Resistance Committees in northern Gaza to warn him of an impending attack.

The Israeli military often strikes at houses it says are used to store weapons, and on this occasion - as they often do - they phoned a warning to allow the occupants to escape and thereby limit civilian casualties.

But the owner of the house refused to leave.

Instead, he called for neighbours and relatives to rally round and protect his home.

They thronged the surrounding streets and gathered on the roof of the building.

The human shield tactic worked, making it impossible for the Israelis to strike without causing a large number of casualties.

The PalArab press is crowing about "The will of the people to defy the Israeli planes."

From reading these accounts, one would think that it was Tiananmen Square all over again. Except, of course, that the people were defending a terrorist's possessions.

It is interesting that while the PalArabs never tire of telling the world that Israel is practicing "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing" and "daily massacres" and "indiscriminate attacks," they know that it is all a bunch of crap. Because they know that Israel will not purposefully attack civilians.

And they know it so well, they are willing to risk their own lives, banking on the morality of this supposedly genocidal army.

If the Palestinian Jews were one-tenth as bad as the Palestinian Arabs claim they are, why would they hesitate to kill the hundreds of human shields? Hell, if Israel is interested in ethnic cleansing as we are being told daily, having this big fat target would make the job so much easier, right?

Contrast this with the PalArab philosophy, where victories are measured in the number of dead Palestinian Jewish civilians and bombing of pizza shops is worthy of being celebrated publicly. Deep down, everyone on the planet knows that there is no comparison between the morality of the IDF and that of the PalArab terror groups. Everyone knows that Jewish women and children are the intended targets of suicide bombs and Qassam rockets. Everyone knows that the vast majority of Israelis grieve over the accidental deaths of Palestinian Arab civilians while the PalArabs hand out candy at the deaths of large numbers of Jews.

But despite these blindingly obvious facts, the world is still willing to condemn Israel and give the Palestinian Arabs a free pass.

The Palestinian Arabs themselves know better than anyone they are not in the same moral universe as Israel. But instead of trying to improve themselves, they will use Israel's well-known morality as a weapon to protect the most evil and depraved of their own people. They will willingly bet their own lives on Israeli morality in order to protect the immoral.

As long as the world doesn't demand the same moral standards from Arabs as they do from Jews, the Arabs have no incentive to behave morally at all.