Thursday, November 02, 2006

A suggestion for "divestment" supporters

Ah, autumn. The time that nutty leftists in Somerville, MA try to put anti-Israel resolutions on the ballot.

They failed two years ago, but the symbolic value of a non-binding resolution in a tiny town is apparently too much to resist.

If these moral midgets are so concerned about Palestinian Arab rights, wouldn't you think that they would be campaigning to invest in "Palestine" rather than divest from Israel? I mean, they cannot go a day without crying about how PalArabs are starving and oppressed, so wouldn't these elitists be doing much more good by actually trying to, you know, help?

But I think I know the answer:

The "Palestine Index" of the Palestine Securities Exchange is down over 50% this year.

Supporting your favorite oppressed people has its limits, you know.