Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Mohammed" soon to become most popular name in France

According to this Arabic article in Sawt al-Haq, Mohammed is one of the most popular names in France and is soon to become the most popular name. (autotranslated)
It may be occupying the name Mohamed «» ranked first undisputed between the names of newborns for France's Muslims has become a routine, But what is remarkable is that this place name escalates among the most common names on the level of France as a whole; within the session to become the most common name in the country.
The number of French people who label naming the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, from 1940 to 2005 some 53 thousand 377 people. according to the latest report of the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, the French.

This census does not include the names of Mohammed existing names within the vehicle such as Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Amin, Muhammad Salih, Sidi Mohamed, where were such names as 2480 new births since 1940 to the present time.

And the name of Mohamed »« highest percentage increase in terms of his release on newborns in one year in 1984 as the number of births to those who label designation in 1725 children, As in 2005, bringing the number of births who label the name of Mohammad children in 1550, according to figures of the National Institute of which the correspondent of «IslamOnline. Net ».

Moreover, the name Mohammad progress in terms of the general ranking of the most common names at the national level in France as a whole, where was in the last census was last year ranked 94 on the level of France.

I couldn't find the original article on the English side of islamonline.net .