Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Israeli Arabs upset over Jews - in the Negev

If you think that it is only the Arabs in other countries that are trying as hard as they can to stop Jews from living anywhere in the Middle East, think again.

I stumbled onto an Arabic site of Negev Arabs which seems very similar to other Arabic sites, although the news is of course Negev-focused. Here is an article where they had a symposium on how to fight Israel's desire to "Judaize" the Negev. The translation is tortuous, but here are some highlights:

The call for the adoption of a strategy to counter the Israeli plots to judaize the Negev

· call researchers to develop practical solutions to the issues of the Negev and not only put problems

· warning of the role of funds and associations working in the Negev to serve their own purposes

· Call to consolidate the prestige of religion in the soul, and rooted in the ground, and not silence before the ruling

Sheikh Ali Abu-century official Islamic Movement in the Negev, said in a speech to a call by the President of the portrayal. He said that the institutionalization of this call to include researchers from the Negev and in the interior in order to educate parents in the Negev on the hinterland of civilization.

He said Sheikh Ali Abu century that the Judaization of the Negev was the dream of Israeli institution since its founding, it wanted to seize the Arab community in the Negev from the rest of the people at home. The isolated from the cultural affiliation of the Palestinian people. was the Islamic awakening in the 1970s, which fell in the blood of the people of the Negev and stopped this dream.

His, The company tried on the ground in the Negev from their rightful owners, through most of unjust laws that came to the plundering of the land using Bazana security and the military.
He said that the Negev in a race with the institution and their crews, and if he wins the Judaization of the Negev will lose the Arab and Islamic world to the Negev area between Egypt and Gaza in the south in the west, Jordan in the east and north of the Levant.

Pieceing this together we see that there is a clear Islamist movement for Israeli Arabs in the Negev, and that at least these people consider themselves more a part of the Arab world than as Israelis.

It appears that they are reacting to Sharon's call last year to pour $3.6 billion into the Negev over 10 years. They see it as a threat because more Jews would move there.

Which means that the Arab world is already looking past any full Israeli withdrawal to the 1948 armistice lines and readying themselves for the next battle - to try to annex the Negev (and the Galilee) to Arab Palestine.

The Negev newspaper, Akhbarna, looks like it is worth watching to see the fifth column in action.