Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Iranian obsessions with Zionism

Iran's state-run press always has lots of vitriol towards Israel, of course, but it is fascinating to see how they manage to throw the word "Zionism" into every single article that criticizes anything happening anywhere in the world.

These examples are all from only the past few hours:
209 MPs condemn sacrilege to Islamic sanctities in Azerbaijan
The Zionist mercenaries infiltrated into Azeri press to promote anti-Islam movements such as publishing an offensive article in in Azeri press against the Islamic ideology and the great prophet.

Speaker Criticizes Canada for Following US
"To distinguish the nature of the said resolution, it suffices to remember the ignorant behavior and inaction of the Untied States, Canada and other western countries in the face of the daily crimes committed by the Zionist regime."

French statement on Lebanon inconsistent with realities, Hosseini
"The Lebanese nation are mature enough to distinguish true way for national sovereignty without any trans-regional interference, and do not accept to endanger their political fate, independence, sovereignty and national unity in favor of the Zionist regime's interests," he noted.

Supreme Leader: Haj, an occasion to reinforce Muslim solidarity
Elaborating on 'disavowal of infidels', the Supreme Leader said that the enemies regard Islam as the major obstacle hindering them from dominating the Islamic nations and plundering their wealth.

"They go ahead with their arrogant and Zionist methodology in dealing with Muslims. So, the Haj pilgrimage is an opportunity for the Muslims to display their objection to them. It is an occasion for the Muslims to do so," the Supreme Leader said.

Iran denounces repeated human rights violation in Canada, US
She specifically condemned the Zionist regime's continuing disregard of basic human rights recognized by peoples all over the world as shown in its air assault this month on Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip which claimed 19 Palestinian lives.

Even though the Iranian regime is obviously very dangerous, this single-minded obsession has got to come at the expense of taking care of their own people. As the expression goes, "all politics is local," and you can be sure that the Iranian people are not happy with a government that ignores their needs while it screams about Zionist crimes all day.