Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Iran tells the US to "behave correctly"

The immoral and terrorist government of Iran has said that it would deign to have direct talks with the US if the US "behaves correctly." This includes, of course, no mentioning of nuclear issues.

Since Iran is the source of all morality and correctness, let's look again at what Iran considers moral:
  • In May, two Iranians (a man and a woman) were buried in the ground, the woman up to her neck and the man up to his waist, and stoned to death. 9 more women are awaiting execution by stoning.
  • Seven men were hung in one day last week.
  • Iraqi Shi'ite terrorists are being supplied with weapons and money by Iran.
The good news is that Argentina is not backing down over Iranian threats towards the prosecutors in the case that implicated Iran for the terror attack at the Argentina Jewish Center in 1994.

That, in my estimation, is indeed "behaving correctly."

It is way past time for the US (and any other nation that still has an ounce of morality) to unilaterally boycott not only Iran, but any country or business that has dealings with the Iranian regime. It is clear that the military option is not possible politically and probably tactically. For every day we wait, Iran comes closer to gaining the nuclear superpower status it craves.