Sunday, November 05, 2006


Yehuda from Jerusalem Games has masterfully written and edited this week's edition of Haveil Havalim, the roundup of the best of the JBlogosphere.

As is usual, I did not self-nominate so I am very gratified to have had two of my postings from this week chosen: Gaza: the most secure place on the planet and Anti-semites can't stomach Neturei Karta. This latter article was also recommended by Omri as "sheer brilliance" which I appreciate as well, although he still can't seem to spell my name right.

Speaking of, Muslihoon also wrote a nice recommendation of this blog, although he gives me too much credit for the reason I spell it the way I do. The reason is a bit more boring - back in pre-blog times, when I was spending time on Yahoo message boards, I saw that someone else had already chosen "elder_of_zion" so I had to spell it differently.

Anyway, HH includes some gems from Elie's Expositions, WestBankMama, Israel at Level Ground, Judeosphere and others.

Check it out!