Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Freedom of the press, PalArab-style

A Palestinian Arab magazine that is published by the PA-controlled Al-Ayyam newspaper has pulled its latest issue:
The Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Ayaam pulled the plug this week on the latest issue of a biweekly journal it publishes called Al-Haal ("The Situation"). The reason for the suspension of publication was an Al-Haal interview with an Arab who assisted Israel in its war on terrorism in the PA. Al-Ayaam said that the positive portrayal of the anti-terrorist PA resident was damaging to the newspaper's reputation and to its professional underpinnings.

In the interview, the PA dissident, identified as one of the greatest allies of Israel, brags that he advised the leaders of the various PA terrorist factions regarding their tactics. However, Al-Ayaam editors felt that the portrayal of the Arab counter-terrorist was too positive, even heroic. The chief editor of the Al-Haal biweekly said in response that the editors of Al-Ayaam actually opposed those sections of the interview that appear to include criticism of the status quo in the PA.
Either reason is censorship.

And remember, kids...the liberals who are so enamoured of everything "Palestinian" are the ones who scream the loudest about "free speech."