Friday, November 03, 2006

Cluster headache

Iran's IRIB news agency has an article decrying the use of cluster munitions worldwide, making a point of specifying Israel's use of cluster bombs in Lebanon. It skillfully implies that since 98% of the victims of cluster bombs are civilians, then the same percentage must hold for Israeli use.
Civilians, a quarter of them children, make up almost all the victims of cluster bombs over the last three decades, a humanitarian agency said on Thursday.

In a study of 24 countries and regions, handicap international said the controversial weapons, which scatter munitions over a wide area, had killed, wounded or maimed 11,044 people of whom 98 percent were civilians.

Cluster bombs were recently used by the Zionist regime in its month-long incursion into lebanon.
But on the same website, posted on the same day, one sees this:
The Islamic Republic of Iran started the second stage of a wargames named after the Noblest Messenger of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (A.S.) in the central Qom province by test launching of an array of indigenously manufactured missiles.

The missiles are capable of carrying cluster warheads.
So if Iran considers Israel's use of cluster munitions to be immoral, why are they developing and testing the same weapons? (IRNA confirms that missiles that actually held cluster munitions were fired.)

And since they are on the record as saying that nuclear weapons are forbidden, would the same logic apply?

And if Islam is a religion of peace, why would Muslims name a war game exercise after their prophet?