Sunday, November 05, 2006

6 PalArabs killed, 7 injured, not a Jew in sight

The Palestinian Arab press has not been reporting any violent internal killings lately. It is unclear whether it is because the headlines are so filled with anti-Israel rhetoric (the preferred way to refer to terrorists killed by the IDF is the civilian-sounding "residents") that the inevitable Arab on Arab violence is not considered news, or if they are in a self-denial phase. The PCHR "human rights" organization did not mention a single killing between October 19th and today while I counted twelve.

But either way, sometimes a massacre occurs that even the PalArabs cannot ignore, and the PCHR today reports on a huge clan clash that you will not see reported in the wire services:
On Saturday, 4 November 2006, five Palestinians were killed, including one woman, and seven others were injured, including a woman and a child, in renewed clashes between El-Masri and Abu Taha clans in Khan Yunis.

PCHR's preliminary investigation indicates that at approximately 9:40 on Saturday, armed clashes erupted between El-Masri and Abu Taha clans in Jamal Abdel Naser Street at the intersections with Jala' and Bahar Streets in the city of Khan Yunis. The clashes erupted after Adnan Yousef Hosni Abu Taha (49) was beaten with a sharp object on the head by members of El-Masri clan. The clashes between both clans resulted in the death of 5 people:

- Abdel Aziz Ahmad Shaker Abu Taha (18), killed by several bullets to the head and chest;

- Bilal Ahmad Shaker Abu Taha (25), killed by several bullets to the head and chest;

- Ashraf Abdel Sami' Shaker Abu Taha (30), killed by several bullets to the head and chest;

- Salim Mohammad Odeh El-Masri (21), killed by two bullets to the pelvis; and

- Maha Nathmi Abdel Hafith Abu Shammala-Abdel Hadi (33), a bystander and a mother of 8 killed by a bullet to the chest.
The tiny McClatchy service mentions a different Khan Younis death briefly but doesn't mention the name.

One also has to wonder how many of the more recent deaths attributed to Israel were just internal fighting that is being spun. Were the two women "human shields" killed last week shot by Israel or by the terrorists in the mosque? The only sources are the PalArab doctors and "health ministry" who are known to be liars.

In any case, my PalArab violent self-death count since late June is now at 148.